Frontier DSL

What is Frontier DSL?

A digital subscriber line, or DSL, is an extremely high-speed internet connection that uses the same copper lines that your home telephone uses. Though there are a few different ways to connect to the Internet, here are some of the key benefits of having DSL in your home.

  • Most importantly, a DSL line does not tie up your phone line. It can remain open and you can still receive phone calls.
  • The speed of a DSL Internet connection is much faster than that of a standard, regular modem and up to 100x faster than the speed of dial-up.
  • DSL usually does not require new wiring in the home because most houses already have a telephone line ran that can be used.
  • Frontier includes the modem for free as part of the installation when signing up.

Here’s how it works.

A house that is already wired with copper lines for telephone service is perfect for DSL service. The copper telephone wires have enough room to carry more information than just phone conversations; they can also handle a much larger bandwidth than that which is required for voice. Bandwidth is basically a range of frequencies that is able to carry certain amounts of data. So when high-speed DSL and telephone are sharing copper lines, the system automatically matches the right frequencies to tackle specific tasks.

A key factor to Frontier Internet is that most of our DSL plans do not necessarily require an active home phone line, but bundling is always suggested so that you may be able to take advantage of new customer promotions, monthly discounts and yearly savings. Frontier DSL offers an array of plans and prices to accommodate even the most particular Internet needs and budgets. Another exclusive benefit that Frontier DSL offers is the ability to essentially “double” your speed by having a 2nd line installed. This line can be utilized for multiple different purposes. For example, if you work from home or have multiple people currently connected to a single DSL line and it’s slowing down the overall speed, then this may be a good solution to that problem.

If you’re considering becoming a new customer, we provide free installation and free equipment. There are no monthly equipment fees. If you need a wireless router so that you and your family can connect in various parts of the house, we can take care of that as well. To eliminate the trouble of “deadzones” in the home, inquire about the WiFi Range Extender. This device allows you to stretch your current wireless signal to anywhere in your home.


Frontier DSL is fast, secure and reliable. Once you are connected, you will have access to unlimited online back-up, online support, security software and online billing.