Frontier FiOS

What is Frontier FiOS?

The term FiOS means Fiber-Optic Services. Essentially, there is an optical line terminal in a central FiOS office nearby from which up to 32 different lines can be split and fanned out to 32 different homes within a neighborhood. Each customer will have an Optical Network Terminal set up in their home that will transfer the signal for the home services that they are receiving onto the copper coaxial cables that are most likely already installed in their home. FiOS lines were originally built and owned by Verizon in states such as IN, OR and WA. Frontier purchased these lines from Verizon as well as kept and licensed the name FiOS. Frontier now offers fiber-optic Television, Phone and Internet in geographically qualifying areas. With this State of the Art technology, you’ll always be a step ahead of everyone else.

Popular Frontier FiOS Bundles

MAX Triple Play

  • Up to 225 Channels
  • 49 HD Channels
  • 15 Mbps download speeds
  • Digital Phone Essentials

Ultra Triple Play

  • Up to 320+ channel
  • 65 HD Channels
  • 25 Mbps download speeds
  • Digital Phone Essentials

Ultimate Triple Play

  • Up to 385+ channels
  • 90 HD Channels
  • 35 Mbps download speeds
  • Digital Phone Essentials


Installs in Indiana, Oregon and Washington get a free modem/router included!

Why Go With Frontier FiOS?

FiOS HD TV is crystal clear digital television signal with close to around 400 channels. Also, if you’re having trouble with the sound quality of your current home phone provider, FiOS phone is the most pure digital phone that you’ll be able to find. Frontier’s most popular fiber-optic service is Internet, for obvious reasons. Primarily being that the 100% fiber-optic broadband speeds are untouchable by other companies. This is hands-down, the fastest Internet connection available on the market today. FiOS was originally made available for businesses only, but now you can have  business-quality fiber-optic Internet installed in your home for a one flat monthly rate. Most conventional Internet maxes out at around 15 Mbps, Frontier FiOS internet speeds reach up to 35Mbps. Unlike cable companies, we don’t charge you modem or router fees. As a FiOS Frontier Internet customer, you’ll also have free and rental access to the largest collection of online television series, movies, local news and exclusive online-only web series with as well as tons of live sports media on ESPN3.  You’ll never feel out of the loop again.

Key Benefites

  • Clearest digital TV and Phone available
  • Fastest Internet speeds on the market
  • No monthly Internet equipment fees
  • No contract
  • Price-Lock for up to 3 Years