Frontier Internet Service Area

Frontier Internet Service Areas are ever-expanding and are quickly becoming the most renown Internet provider for rural America. In 2009 alone Frontier bought $9 million worth of phone lines that were previously owned by Verizon in order to expand the service coverage in states such as WA, OR, ID, UT, WI, NY, some parts of CA, AL and AZ as well as the Great Lakes area. We continue to purchase preexisting phone lines with the objective of gaining customers within rural markets that have little to no Internet options available. If you happen to live in a rural location and are currently seeking a high-speed Internet connection, Frontier may be the solution for you.

What options are available in a Frontier Internet Service Area?

There are currently 3 different ways to connect to Frontier Internet in areas where we are available. Primarily, we offer high-speed DSL service through phone lines. Those speeds range from 6 Mpbs to 12 Mbps and can include a home telephone bundle. In areas where Frontier has purchased Verizon FiOS lines, we offer fiber-optic Internet with speeds ranging all the way up to 35 Mpbs, fiber-optic Phone service as well as fiber-optic Television service in areas that are geographically qualified. If you live in a Frontier Internet Service Area that does not have DSL or FiOS Internet available then you are most likely eligible for Frontier Satellite Internet through HughesNet Gen4 wich offers speeds up to 100x faster than dial-up.

How does Frontier Internet Service stand up to other Internet providers?

Easy. Not only do we offer the fastest, most reliable Internet in your area, Frontier is the only Internet provider that offers more than one way of actually connecting to the Internet. We are committed to meeting your high-speed needs. So if that means setting you up on FiOS, DSL or Satellite Internet, it doesn’t matter what it takes, we’ll get you online. Most importantly, we do it at the most economical price. If you decide on setting up more than once service with Frontier, we’ll conveniently bundle it onto a single bill. Even if you’re looking for television service, we’ll set you up with the cheapest TV provider around by bundling your Internet and phone with Dishnetwork satellite TV service.


Frontier is quickly growing, and if you live in a rural area then you are most likely already serviceable by us. No matter what your needs, we’ll meet them. Once you become a customer, all of your services are bundled onto a single bill with up to a 3 year price lock and no long term contracts.