Frontier Satellite Internet

Frontier Satellite Internet is our newest approach when it comes to connecting our clients to High-Speed Internet in rural locations. Recently, we have partnered with HughesNet Gen4 Service to bring our availability even further out to the locations where our DSL lines are not yet ran. In June of 2012 HughesNet launched their newest XVII Satellite into orbit, meaning that now Satellite Internet is fast enough to stream movies and music which is a main component when it comes to keeping up with New Age Internet needs. Since reaching every household with broadband DSL isn’t feasible just yet, this new, high-performance Internet service is designed and intended exclusively as a new and possibly even better option for unserved rural homes and in-home businesses.

Frontier Satellite Internet | HughesNet Gen4

HughesNet represents about 50% the Satellite Internet Market share, globally. Offering greater download capacities and a range of different speeds, the goal and intention is enhance your Internet experience quality. From casual browsing to mega downloading, we have the perfect Power Plan for you. Are you already a HughesNet customer? Be among the first to upgrade to speeds 15x faster than before. We are happy to make checking emails, watching videos and multitasking easier for you and with Frontier Internet options through HughesNet 4Gen you’ll be able to do more of what you want, whenever you want.

Frontier Satellite Internet | Power Plans & Prices


  • Casual Internet use.
  • 10/1 Mbps
  • Monthly Total: 20 GB of downloading
  • $59.99/month $39.99/month

Power PRO

  • Casual Internet use like social networking.
  • 10/2 Mbps
  • Monthly Total: 30 GB of downloading
  • $79.99/month

Power MAX

  • Ideal for streaming.
  • 15/2 Mbps
  • Monthly Total: 40 GB of downloading
  • $99.99/month

Frontier Satellite Internet | New Customer Promos

Call in to inquire about becoming a new customer and receiving available limited-time New Customer Promotions. Currently, we are offering new customers $20 off on our Power Plan making it only $39.99/month in qualifying areas. HughesNet has a Lease Offer which comes with a $50 instant rebate which is applied immediately upon signing up. The Satellite Internet system requires a 2 year contract on the equipment. Free Standard Installation is also applied to the Leased orders. Don’t like contracts? Purchase your new Frontier Satellite system and save $199.99 after a mail-in rebate! Upon purchasing the system, the service has to be remain active for a 31 day minimum. Mail-in rebates must be received by 06/30/13 and only available to new customers. Sign up now and we’ll double your monthly GB Download Allowance on any Power Plan.