Frontier Takes the Lead!

Since Frontier ‘s purchase of Verizon FiOS lines and partnering with satellite companies like Dish Network and HughesNet, our ability to compete directly with every other TV /Internet provider on the market, has been amplified. Since Frontier does not need to rely on the Cable Companies of America, we are able to connect you the services you need at the prices you want in the markets that other providers cannot.

Offering digital telephone, high-speed broadband Internet and 100% digital television across 27 different states, our main focus is in rural areas and small to mid-sized markets.

In terms of subscribers, our top three markets consist of Indiana, West Virginia and New York. No longer is rural America falling behind in times, due to lack of conventional home service availability. Our intention is to put uncharted-Internet areas back in the game and hopefully ahead of the race by supplying homes with access to high-speed DSL and even the untouchable speeds of fiber-optics in geographically qualifying areas. Furthermore, we offer stellar home Phone plans for local and long distance calling for as little as $19.99 per month when bundled with DSL Internet. An added plus to bundling phone and Internet is that being online does not tie up the phone line, unlike dialup. If broadband Internet isn’t available just yet, we offer speeds up to 50x faster than dialup through our HughesNet satellite Internet system. To top it all off, we’ve come together with Dish Network to complete and optimize your home entertainment experience. Sit back, relax and enjoy over 250 crystal-clear channels, surf the web at speeds never imaginable and never miss a call again. The complete home package, all in the convenience of a single, affordable, monthly bill.

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