Frontier Wireless Internet

Frontier Wireless Internet offers the most advanced, up to date wireless internet connection for you home. If you are already a Frontier Internet customer, or are considering signing up with Frontier Internet services, Frontier Wireless WiFi Internet is a perfect addition to your package if you and your family share one connection with multiple devices. It’s always on, and always ready to go.

Why Go With Frontier Wireless Internet?

Now days it seems like almost everything is about convenience. Wireless Internet is simply that; a more convenient way to connect to the Internet. Sure, desktop computers plug right into the wall and generally stay in one location. But what about when you want to just lounge on the cough with your laptop? Or lay in bed on your smart phone? That’s when Wireless Internet comes into play. This technology simply allows an internet user to connect directly to the existing Internet connection in their home with a device that securely shares that connection through radio waves. It sounds crazy, but all that matters is that it’s safe and easy for you.

Frontier Wireless Internet | WiFi Range Extender

Already a Frontier Wireless Internet user? Having trouble with “dead zones” in your home with your current wireless router? We have just the solution. This State of the Art piece of equipment allows you to extend your wireless coverage to anywhere in your home. It’s easy to install and helps you find the best coverage location with an LED indicator. It can also be used as a bridge between your current router or gateway and your other home entertainment devices such as DVD/Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and internet on your TV.

Features and Benefits

  • No More Dead Zone
  • Great for connecting tablets, laptops, smartphones and smartTVs
  • Easy to Install
  • Fast and Secure
  • No Need for CD or Ethernet
  • Push N Play Technology allows for easy setup
  • Convenient Electrical Outlet Plugin

Frontier Wireless Internet for Your Home Office

This cutting-edge Range Extender can be used to stretch your current Frontier Internet connection into your Home Office. We understand that an important concern for in-home business owners and home telecommuters is the security of their private information and the safety of their Internet connection as well as their choice in Internet provider. Your privacy is our main concern as well, especially when it comes to a wireless connection. That is why the connection is secured with Wi-Fi WPS. It’s simply being extended from your already trusted device, to anywhere in the house.