Where the Real Value Is

Internet service providers have tons of competition nowadays when it comes to trying to 1-up each other and win over customers. At Frontier, we’re not quite as predictable. Though providing rural America with high-speed Internet is definitely our mission, it isn’t our top priority. Here’s a brief inside-look at how and where we really place our value.

Most importantly, we use our resources wisely.

This particular value reflects actions that are both good for the Earth, as well as for business. One way is by avoiding discretionary business travel. Instead, we “practice what we preach,” and participate in virtual meeting when we need to get in touch and we offer a program where qualified call center reps can work from home, essentially eliminating normal daily emissions from driving back and forth. When we’re on the field, our trucks now contain a 48 volt battery which is used to power the aerial bucket, saving money in fuel costs. In our offices, we have all of our printers set to print on both sides with smaller font to save paper, ink and electricity; and for our customers we encourage Going Green by offering online bill pay to lessen the amount of paper material use.

Sure, we offer the best prices on home services and the fastest Internet options around, but more importantly we take joy in putting you first, staying active within the community and doing Mother Earth a favor by having a positive attitude about the environment. That’s where the real value is.

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